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Stacey suro naked

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Though they seem to be more sever for pictures. Fat black tits. Quick Clicks HPD sergeant in hot water over naked The president of the union, Ray Hunt, confirmed that while Suro is a member of the union, she has not come into their office to ask for legal representation.

Screw you guys, I'll take her! Not So Beautiful Beauty Queen. Stacey suro naked. She has a set of parabolas that would give a yak cardiac arrest.

In general, people will always pretend to be as outraged as they think their neighbors will pretend to be. Dallas PD once had an officer who became a fairly major porn star in the 80's or 90's under the name Jordan Lee. The demotion means Suro is now an officer and will no longer patrol the streets of west Houston. May be time to fire up the old laptop the rest of the family doesn't use.

New Zealand reports Takata airbag recall effort is "halfway there," but more than 50, motorists are still living on a prayer stuff.

Felony charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement. I don't even know if the show is on anymore[static. Not perfect, nothing special, just people like the rest of us. Sexy naked chubby women. Suro has since taken the link down. It makes me wonder who found these. Pics or it didnt happen Compression Tactical Bra - Cheata Tactical Patented technology is designed to provide the stability of sports bras, The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

When will these people learn??? Wow, how incredibly hypocritical. KPRC Local 2 also checked with the Houston Police Officers' Union, but they really couldn't tell us much because they found out about all of this from us. A police source said the demotion will likely come with a significant pay cut for the 20 year veteran. Don't do anything wrong and you've got nothing to worry about. Her DPD background investigation apparently missed a few things.

I remember in GA a school teacher was out right fired Flinstone style for having a picture on her private facebook of her drinking a beer in Germany she was over Don't give me this CUBO crap either.

Stacey suro naked

The charges will be dismissed after they complete hours of community service.

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I am a 30 year veteran police officer.

Stay up to Date. Cute tits tumblr. They prob just jealous because they dont look like her. KPRC Local 2 is still waiting for an answer to that question. Mar 22, 6. The decision follows a five month internal affairs investigation after she posted photos on ModelMayhem. It says, "Employees shall exhibit professional conduct at all times and shall not engage in any activity, including unlawful activity that would degrade or bring disrespect upon the employee or the department.

Harris County Fire Marshall's Office. I thought Sgts had chevrons, not bars. What was she thinking???? The rule to understand is that any action that may bring discredit on the department opens the officer for punishment. Stacey suro naked. Much ado about nothing. Nude sex with sister. So police sergeant with large boobs, who lives in Sugar Land, posts pictures on model-mayhem.

As long as there is nothing illegal in what she did I say "you go for it girl". Word of the photos got out last week and internal affairs began investigating the matter last Wednesday.

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The president of the union, Ray Hunt, confirmed that while Suro is a member of the union, she has not come into their office to ask for legal representation. It is my opinion, that if you are not on the clock and not breaking the law, then it is nobody's business what you are doing.

No matter what our opinion is of her rights to do as she pleases outside of the job, consider this: We obtained some photos that are just too racy to show you. Mar 22, 9.

Being in LE you always have to think who will this affect today or tomarrow? I always tried to put the department in a positive light. Other images appear to depict Suro in fetish, bondage and other compromising positions. Someone had to be on that site and recognize her. Chloe khan nude videos. Not So Beautiful Beauty Queen. In her younger days, she was a lot better looking than that one.

I've been to the site and seen her images. Think about it folks, this is redicoulus. Everyone makes a mistake now and then.


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