Quotes from “Harmonic Wealth” by James Arthur Ray

p.53 Wheeler-Feynman Absorber Theory: particle gets emitted from source (me) and can interact with one of two detectors (future probabilities). As the particle leaves the source it sends a wave of probabilities from the source (offer wave) forward in time to the detector. When this wave (intention) reaches detector, the detector sends a confirmation or (echo wave) back saying signal received. Waves of probability (thoughts, feelings, actions) going back and forth between now and the future and the waves can intersect and interact anywhere along the way in what is called an interference pattern.

Vertical Time- past present future coexist simultaneously right now

M-theory- at least 11 dimensions exist simultaneously (M= Membrane or Magic)

Everett-Wheeler Graham Multiple Worlds Theory (Many Worlds Interpretation)- multiple ‘nows,’ universes or existences coexist all at the same time. Everything that existed or can exist is already here. Choose through intention and attention. Energy flows where attention goes.

What every theory in quantum physics has in common is you, observer and participant. We choose what world we are going to participate in (by choosing what we observe).

Everything is light (even what appears solid is nothing more than stable light). These wave interference patterns are what stabilize the light.

p.294 Pribram discovered brain reads info by transforming images into wave interference patterns, which are then transferred into virtual images just like a laser hologram. Because memory is distributed everywhere, each part contains the whole and all optical image patterns can be converted into the mathematical equivalent of an interference pattern.
So, holography is just a convenient term for wave interference. To know the world is to be in resonance with it- to literally be on its’ wavelength. Since our brains speak to us through wave interference, we cannot observe something we are not in resonance with. That means that through the act of observation we’re actually projecting a virtual image of an object our into space, while transforming the timeless, space-less world of interference patterns into the concrete world of space-time. Because we’re projecting images all the time, our world is a virtual creation.
What this means is that we don’t see objects per se, but only their quantum information. It is out of that from which we construct our image/model of the world. Perceiving the world is a matter of tuning into the Zero Point Field. At every moment, our brains are making quantum choices, taking potential states and making them actual ones.
…Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart so is he.” What we see in the tangible realm is not truely real but instead an effect (or feeling) of what we have within us.

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